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Shema en el Hebreo original

Shema en el Hebreo original


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From Siddur Tehillat Hashem. © Copyright Kehot Publication Society, Brooklyn NY
Published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, all rights reserved.
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31 Diciembre, 2015
I just moved to my new apartment yesterday and just now recited the entire shema very much to my satisfaction.
Shalom Rabbi,
Dean Luria
Dean Luria
Crown Heights
23 Diciembre, 2015
who invented shema ?
Shema was written in the Torah by Moses
1 Diciembre, 2015
To Karmiah
Yes, the Shema is recited in the morning and at night.
Chabad.org Staff
30 Nov, 2015

I just found this and read it with my son. He is only learning Jewish at 7 and it occurred I can google a bedtime prayer. Is this for everyday?
24 Octubre, 2015
The Shema is meaningful,gives me a significant contribution to my identity and much more, I do not care about whom invented it.
22 Octubre, 2015
Who invented the shema?
Who was the person to invent the shema
17 Mayo, 2015
Baruch HaShem! I say this prayer every night with my two boys! It reminds me of my younger days, and solidifies their Jewish identity.

I also like reading the translation to them some nights too. It really helps them go to bed.
4 Marzo, 2015
The prayer of shema in Yidish
If anyone has the prayer of shema (first part only) in Yidish, or can translate for me,
please send it to me via the editor
Nili Portugali
20 Octubre, 2014
i need prayers for prosperity health career and marriage amen
10 Junio, 2014
To Ilana
Tehillim can be said during the daytime. If it is an emergency situation G-d forbid, Tehillim can also be said at night.
You can find the text of Tehillim on this site, if you have a Tehillim book, take a look at the back, you may find a list of when to say specific chapters, but really any will do. May everything resolve itself for your daughter in a positive way G-d willing!
Chabad.org Staff
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